Featured Image for Sesame Street Fighter is now a video game

Sesame Street Fighter is now a video game

If you ever wanted to get your hands on Sesame Street’s Bert or Elmo or Cookie Monster and beat them to a pulp – for whatever sick reason you might have – now’s your chance! ‘Sesame Street Fighter’ is now a free playable online game thanks to game developer Cocoalasca. This genius concept started with DeviantArt user gavacho13 when he illustrated ‘Sesame Street’ characters in the style of ‘Street Fighter’. The internet loved it, and now we can get back at Oscar for all his grouchiness through the years, by typing in the random words that appear on the screen.

It’s a fun and addicting game where you’ll see Bert as Ryu, Cookie Monster as E. Honda, and Elmo as M.Bison, to name a few. The game only has six characters as of now, but we’re hoping they expand it soon, because I would love to Hadouken Big Bird to bits.

You can play the game here.

Via Nerd Approved