Roller-blading subculture takes over London shopping centre by night

Smooth Floors & Open Doors is the latest film from 32LDN, an ongoing video project that asks the question: ‘What does it mean to be a Londoner in the 21st Century?’. The answer comes in 32 short films, each peaking into London through a different window and telling the stories of it’s 8 million inhabitants.

Smooth Floors & Open Doors brings us into the world of after-hours shopping centre roller-blading in Stratford. Believe it or not, this is a thriving activity with a dedicated core of young rollers, who turn the soulless strip-lit expanses of smooth plastic into an auditorium of awesomeness.

The filmmakers responsible, Simon Poon Tip and Jake Green, spent weeks training their lenses on these nocturnal rollers and skaters. Their curiosity about the life and culture of these young Londoners is palpable, and with good reason!

I take my hat off to anybody who is able to make the inherently depressing shopping malls of this world into exciting and energetic spaces.