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Norwegian boy gets a McDonald’s receipt as a tattoo

This is customer loyalty at its finest. Stian Ytterdahl from Lorenskog, Norway, will never ever forget what he had for lunch at McDonald’s last Monday, because he had the receipt details tattooed on his right arm. Asked by his friends to choose between sticking a Barbie up his ass and getting inked, he chose the latter (as I would probably too). The dare was supposedly a punishment for being too smitten with the ladies (kids these days).

Tattoo parlour, Sabelink tattoo, says it was the weirdest request they’ve ever done. But here’s the thing: They’ve actually offered to give him another receipt tattoo on his left arm, for free – as long as it’s their receipt. Not wanting to turn down a free receipt tattoo, Ytterdahl said yes, and is scheduled to get it next Monday.

When asked if this was a PR stunt, McDonald’s Norway claims that it isn’t, but is impressed nonetheless. ‘We’re obviously talking about a loyal customer’, said a spokeswoman.

Via Gawker