Featured Image for Nowhere to store your bike? Shelfie is the solution

Nowhere to store your bike? Shelfie is the solution

Ever felt like buying something just because the accessories for it were so cool? I don’t admit this to just anyone, but one of the reasons I begged my boyfriend (more like whispered subliminal messages to him in his sleep) for an iPhone for Christmas was for the plethora of cute cases. Same applies to Shelfie, a new product on Kickstarter.

Shelfie is basically a simple shelf unto which you can hang your bike, without it having to be propped against the wall or even touch the wall for that matter. It is so cute, it’s like the iPhone of all bike shelves. I haven’t got a bike but now I am really craving a set of wheels (honey, if you’re reading this, I’d love a city bike with a basket).

The designer, Juergen Beneke, searched far and wide for a shelf that would suit his needs, but couldn’t find the right thing. This brought him to design Shelfie, which has been so popular on Kickstarter that Juergen has already reached the amount he initially pledged for and he’s still got 47 days to go. And no wonder: Shelfie looks awesome, with or without a bike hung on it.

Without a bike it looks like a funky, slightly crooked shelf with lovely rounded edges, but it’s even cooler if you’ve got your vintage Italian race bike hanging from it on your living room’s wall.

shelfie bike shelf
shelfie bike shelf
shelfie bike shelf

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