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Cool family tree charts the evolution of bikes

Bicycles have been around for more than two centuries, and even until now, they are still described as having two wheels, a pedal, and a handlebar. But the guys over at Brooklyn-based Pop Chart Lab came up with this cool family tree to show us the rich history and evolution of bikes. Looking at it, we can now see the difference between the bikes of today and the weird rides of yesterday.

Pop Chart Lab describes the poster in their website: ‘With over 75 intricately detailed illustrations we’ve traced the evolutionary tree of the bicycle from 1780 to the present day. From the early high-wheel “boneshakers” of the Victorian Era to the first racing bikes to the more recent evolution of mountain bikes and BMX rides, each bike on the chart is categorized by utility and represents new innovations in a given bicycle genre over time. What results is a super-alloyed admixture of evolution, genealogy, famous models, and a catalogue of forms – a truly be-spoke rendering of two-wheeled transportation’.

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