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Sushi bazooka will obliterate your sushi cravings

Say hasta la vista to that painful process of trying to create the perfect sushi roll. Arm yourselves with this secret weapon from Firebox, and you will dominate your sushi cravings like never before. The Sushi Bazooka is a kitchen tool that makes your life easier by removing that daunting phase of having to load all the filling perfectly and shaping it afterwards.

By using this ‘deadly-accurate culinary cannon’, all you have to do is put the rice and ingredients onto the cylinder and seal it up. The best part comes next as you then push the plunger to squeeze out that perfectly formed sushi roll. All you need to do now is to wrap it in Nori, and chop it. You can watch Firebox’s video tutorial on how to utilize this weapon of mass creation here.

Disclaimer: The Sushi Bazooka may not actually cause a fiery mayhem or launch the sushi in action movie fashion. You can purchase the item here.

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