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This 21-pound Snickers bar really satisfies

If you’re going to make the effort to create your very own chocolate bar, you might as well go all out. And this is exactly what a few friends did – making sure to capture every step and post it to Imgur so the world could follow their steps in making a giant Snickers bar.

On the first part of their Snickers-making journey, the chocolate ‘chefs’ write, ‘And God said, Let there be candy, and there was candy. God saw that the candy was good, and he separated the filling from the crust. God called the filling caramel nougat and the crust he called chocolate. And there was gooeyness, and there was crunch – the first day’.

Via Thrillist

The Snickers bar ingredients include peanut butter, marshallow cream, chocolates, almonds, and more
The layering of the Snickers bar
Peanut butter in the centre of the Snickers bar
Chocolate was then poured all over the giant Snickers bar
The Snickers bar is almost ready to eat, at 21.8lbs
The 21lb Snickers bar is a mammoth of a candy bar