Featured Image for Unlimited fun in a limited space? Try the Ping Pong Door

Unlimited fun in a limited space? Try the Ping Pong Door

Tobias Fränzel’s Ping Pong Door is a must for every Ping-Pong-lover with limited space. Just fold it down and the match can begin in no time. Afterwards you just fold it back up and it’s a ordinary door again. Hey presto.

Thanks to its robust anchoring, the table fastens in its horizontal position during the indoor exercise and is well equipped with field markers and a small net. Yes, this is perfect for rainy Sundays and spontaneous table tennis matches after a nice dinner with friends. Or, as the designer says in his own words: ‘A conventional door connects rooms, this door connects people’. We are drinking the Kool-Aide.

ping pong table
ping pong table
ping pong table

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