An app that wakes you up by using the scent of bacon

Ever had trouble waking up to the sound of that infernal alarm clock? We know how you feel. But mornings will never be the same again, at least for those who get their gluttonous hands on this up-and-coming app that wakes you up to the smell of bacon.

Developed by Oscar Mayer’s Institute for the Advancement of Bacon (OMIFAB), ‘Wake Up & Smell The Bacon’ is an app and iPhone attachment that releases a bacon scent to get you up an at ‘em. It even produces the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan! Who wouldn’t prefer that over the traditional sounds of an alarm, right?

Sadly, the attachment will not be sold in stores and will be given away in limited quantities through a contest. Go to their website for a chance to become an official ‘Bacon Beta Tester’ and win this revolutionary device.

Via ABC News