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An AT-AT rocker for your little sith kids

If you want your kid to someday rule the galaxy as a Sith lord, you better start them young. EPBOT writer Jen Yates is on the right track with this AT-AT Rocker she and her husband made in early February. It comes with all the details of an actual rebellion-quelling AT-AT Walker, minus the cool lasers of course. She even added in a few details to make it comfy and safe.

She says, ‘We added a seat back and extra sturdy T-bar handle for safety, plus some extra-long bumpers on the bottom rails to prevent the rocker from rocking too far’.

‘The rail bumpers might not be necessary for an older and/or more adventurous child, but our 4-year-old test subject Isaiah was afraid of rocking backward, so the stops helped him feel more secure’.

Yates also said she might release the AT-AT Rocker blueprints soon, giving us the chance to build our own army of cute rockers. As for the one she built, she says it might go to the local chapter of the 501st Legion, or to a charity auction.

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