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Name your own Mars crater for as little as $5

Forget flowers, forget chocolates – the best gift to get someone is a Mars crater! Well, naming rights, anyway. Company Uwingu is offering the naming rights for Mars craters beginning at $5 and up, depending on size. Uwingu claims there’s around 500,000 large unnamed craters on this planet and that you can also ‘help name the map grid rectangles of all the Districts and Provinces in our address system – the first ever address system for Mars’. All at a cost, of course.

In the future, Uwingu hopes to offer mountains, hills and canyons for naming, too. After a quick search, I’ve come up with some of my favourite Mars crater names located on the Uwingu chart: Not a Crater, Bill and Norma’s Retirement Home Away from Home, and Pibble and Bunny’s Eternal Love.

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