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Really, animals like to get drunk too

It looks like humans are not the only species on Earth that love to get buzzed every now and then. In a new research published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, there seems to be a few little critters in the forest of Malaysia who hunker for alcohol.

The study says that the bertam plant in the west Malaysian rainforest is nature’s version of a beer tap. It has beer-like nectar that keep seven species of mammals coming back for more. Two of these return customers are the pentailed treeshrew and the slow loris, both of whom gulp down the equivalent of nine alcohol beverages a night.

But despite downing that much amount of alcohol, the creatures didn’t get fuzzy and didn’t display any signs of drunkenness. They didn’t stumble, pass out, or drunk call their ex. Animal physiologist, Frank Wiens, said that the animals go back for seconds simply because of evolution. The furry alcoholics treat the nectar as food, and in return, the plant has a pollinator.

Via Scientific American