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Guy eats rotten meat and has never been healthier

Oh man, when this guy was told to eat only food that’s fresh, I think he took it too literally. Derek Nance has been eating raw meat – fresh and rotten – for the past six years. It all started when he contracted a mysterious illness that makes him puke every time he tries to eat anything other than meat. That list includes fruits, veggies, fish, wheat, and milk. He searched far and wide for a lifesaving diet, and it came in the form of carnivorous version of the Paleo diet, courtesy of a guy who had a similar stomach problem.

He’s been healthy ever since and even goes as far as brushing his teeth with animal fat. Yum! So what would a typical day of a raw meat eater be like? It starts off with a fridge filled with blood, guts, and the occasional decapitated goat’s head, as revealed in an interview with VICE.

And for his ‘vitamins’, Derek likes to eat rotten meat, which he says is rich in probiotics that help in digestion. On most days he likes to eat lamb, which he slaughters himself, seeing as he’s now training to be a butcher (he was formerly an electrician).

If you want to adapt the diet he has, it’s pretty easy and it doesn’t make you sick (or so he says). He explains in the interview, ‘There’s something that happens during the adaption process. About three weeks in I noticed this real strong blood-like taste in the back of my throat and then all of a sudden I started getting strong cravings for it. The idea of cooked meat no longer appeals. It just tastes burned. And herbs and spices too, I used to season the meat, but seasonings no longer appeal either’.


derek nance
derek nance
derek nance

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