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Painting pubic hair on tiny people and putting them in glass boxes

Isn’t there’s something so alluring about looking at your reflection in a shop window, peeking through peoples’ curtains, or looking over doll-sized houses when flying over picturesque towns somewhere in Eastern Europe? We’re all just a bunch of funny humans obsessed with our little worlds. And when not concerned with ourselves and our receding hairlines, other people can become an equally fascinating subject.

Since 2006, Lisa Swerling, author of Glass Cathedrals, has been celebrating peoples’ thoughts and desires by safely locking them inside shadowbox sculptures. As she writes on her website, “The ideas behind the Glass Cathedrals are based on thoughts I’ve been having since I was a child: ‘[..]I’m going to die one day. I don’t want to jump in the pool. [..]’ A lot of people have these moments of inspiration about what it is to be a funny little human traveling around a big planet. What to do with these thoughts? I started putting mine in boxes…”

Lisa’s whimsical miniature worlds capture everyday moments and remind us how tiny we actually are and how vast the Universe is. Through her art, she makes connections, mixing and matching surprising things to create new meaning. Everything from cleaning bright pink glitter, to people watching and even some guy’s lifetime collection of fishing photos, inspires the creation of her Glass Cathedrals. This miniature and challenging medium allows for Lisa to take a step back to examine her subjects’ imaginary lives and through this process – her own.

Lisa Swerling art
Lisa Swerling art