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What’s in your food? This scanner might be able to tell you

Instead of your mum nagging you about healthy eating, now a handheld device might just be able to do it! The TellSpec brings together ‘laser spectroscopy and a unique mathematical algorithm’ in a revolutionary system that can analyse the chemical composition of any food. The wireless scanner communicates with a fast cloud analysis engine to gather the spectrum of your food, analyse that spectrum and then display the information in an easy-to-understand interface on your smartphone.

The device has come through a round of funding via IndieGoGo, and has had a healthy dose of scepticism thrown at it by engineers and scientists, who have been trying to do this for years via a handheld device. The team behind the device are endeavouring to clear up any issues and have provided a number of updates on their crowdfunding page to explain their processes.

Best case? You’ll be able to keep a close watch on allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in your food sometime soon. Worst case? It might take awhile longer to be free from guilt by keeping track of what’s good for you, and when you can splurge!

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