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Lost items find a voice through cardboard signs

Finally, the masses of voiceless lost items have been given a helping hand! These lonely and abandoned items now have a voice – or a signage, rather – in speaking out their pleas. New York-based street artist Yoonjin Lee has come to the aid of paper clips, hair bands, subway cards, lighters, and other discarded items, by giving them tiny cardboard signs that broadcast their sad stories. The ‘Little Lost Project’ gives us a heart-tugging perspective on the miscellaneous things we lose and how they once faithfully served us.

Lee says on her website, ‘Losing your phone can ruin your day for sure but how about losing your favorite lip balm that you always keep in your pocket? It is definitely annoying but you can easily buy a new one. Ever wonder where and what these little objects are doing now?’

Via Laughing Squid

little lost project
little lost project