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This might be the most beautiful house we’ll never get to stay

Is this the most beautiful house we’ve seen yet? When something reflects its surroundings as much as this house does, you’d better be sure you’re staying in a nice neighborhood. London-based Ekkehard Altenburger created the Mirror House in 1996 as an temporary installation, situating it in a natural lake on the Isle of Tyree in Scotland. With the Atlantic Ocean reflecting in its mirrored exteriors, it’s certainly a handsome house.

UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peek at our exclusive interview with the designer and sculptor of the Mirror House, Ekkehard Altenburger.

Why did you build the Mirror House and where did you get the inspiration for it?

Mirror house happened at a very specific point in my career. I left Germany for Scotland (to continue my sculpture studies at EdiburghCollege of Art) and found myself, for the first time, living abroad.

I grew up in central Europe, very close to Zurich, in what one could describe as a land locked situation. Architecture always was the driving force in my sculptural work; I always looked towards architecture as a source of inspiration, not only from an aesthetical, but probably more from a sociological point of view.

Before building Mirror House, I carved a copy of the house I was living in, in an Irish limestone, as to clarify my own personal position and circumstance. I was invited to participate in this sculpture project on the Isle of Tyree, I pre-constructed Mirror house at the College (here with great help from the sculpture department as well as the Glass department) on the basis of information I was given before arrival on the Island.

Tyree is one of the southern most exposed Islands of the Hebrides, flat and windswept, and it seemed the perfect response to that particular environment.

I wouldn’t say it was an lucky accident, I was a mature student of almost 30 years, with years of working experience working on a Gothic Cathedral as well as 4 years of sculpture studies at the Art Academy in Bremen, it was the first proper sculptural statement I sent out and it paved the way for many other works I produced in subsequent years.

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