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Wonderfully lit portraits of used mattresses

Photographer Chris Fitzgerald has created a series of striking portraits of discarded mattresses on the streets of Los Angeles. I asked him about his inspiration behind the series: ‘I began photographing mattresses after seeing an abundance of old, used mattresses lining the curbs. On our dog-walking route alone I must have seen eight over a month-long period. It seemed cruel to spend so much intimate time with a thing, and then discard it so casually.

‘Not to anthropomorphize too much, but mattresses know so much about us. They know our dirty little secrets. They seemed to leave so many unanswered questions: Was there a break up? A death? A new mattress? Much of my work deals with a combination of intimacy, trust, and a certain degree of voyeurism. While I rarely work with still life or landscapes, I feel that it still coincides with the themes that I enjoy exploring. These photos are portraits in many ways, glamorizing and memorializing in the same breath.”