Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock has 700 colour combinations and GPS module

Pacfic Northwest based designer & woodworker Kyle Miller has long been involved with creating beautiful industrial fantasy pieces. Kyle’s work blends elements of traditional woodworking with science-fiction inspired design in a wholly unique style. the Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock is the most recent offering form Miller’s studio, and is made from solid black walnut, steel, copper, and brass.

The clock incorporates authentic 1950’s nixie tube technology with modern electronics. Each piece is made by hand in either black walnut or purpleheart, and also can be fitted with a GPS module for automatic time detection. The clock features 3 LEDS for backlighting and can be custom set for over 700 colour combinations. The clock can also be programmed for date, night mode (dimmer), and has a built-in alarm.

Miller’s product has launched via Kickstarter and already surpassed its funding goal, resulting in additional free gifts for clock purchasers.