Featured Image for Breathtaking photorealist-surrealist artworks by Jono Dry

Breathtaking photorealist-surrealist artworks by Jono Dry

South African contemporary artist Jono Dry specializes in rendering black and white photorealistic-surrealist artworks, usually on a large scale and using graphite on paper or board. One of his pieces, called ‘Creation’, shows his own hand drawing his mother’s hand drawing his hand. Kind of confusing when you describe it, but astounding in realism when you look at it. The pencil even looks like it’s popping off the page!

‘Fibonacci’ is a piece depicting a water splash, which basically took him 280 hours to draw in a five month span. The young artist also loves drawing eyes, as you can see (no pun intended). On his Facebook account he says:

‘I love drawing eyes. I used to draw them all the time when I was in school and since I started my Career I seem to have developed a pattern of only drawing one eye a year. This is the 5th Eye’.

‘Drawn from my girlfriend’s eye. I am fascinated with trying to change my perspective of things. The idea that stuck with me while drawing this was the age old one of what it’s like to view the world through someone else’s eyes. When I look at this piece I feel like I am taken in through the eye and can just imagine for a second what It might be like to be looking where she is looking’.

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jono dry
jono dry
jono dry

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