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Furniture recycled from milk jugs

If you’re going to lounge around on a lawn chair all day, might as well be useful and help the environment by using these furniture made out of milk jugs! Loll Design used the milk jugs’ high density polyethylene (DPE) to create durable, waterproof, and not to mention, well-designed furniture.

Since it’s made of a strong, non-porous plastic, it needs very little maintenance and collects very little dirt, making it ideal for outdoor use. The company says that for every pound of weight in one of their chairs, there are about 8 milk jugs recycled. Also, a bit of good news for you tree huggers out there: as of 2012, they’ve recycled nearly 26 million reclaimed milk jugs!

So you could say this is an environmental plan that you could take sitting down.

Via Ippinka