Seahorses are kinda like the ninjas of the ocean

Move over, sharks and killer whales, there’s a new bad boy in town. Turns out, seahorses are one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean. While they may look cute and magical, they are actually very excellent hunters. Here, let me explain: Seahorses eat Copepods, which are small crustaceans that move very fast as soon as they sense danger.

In order to catch their prey, seahorses move very, very slowly to avoid detection. Once it gets near enough to the Copepod, it whips its head lightning quick to give the creature a surprise death attack. This style of hunting works 90% of the time, making the seahorse on of the deadliest predators in the deep blue sea.

Need more proof of their ninja skills? Watch the video of a seahorse stalking its prey. At first you’ll get bored with its slow approach, but don’t blink, because you might just miss the fastest draw in the west, or rather, ocean.

Via Tree Hugger