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Whiskey bottles that have rad tattoos

Some whiskey bottles just got some rad tats, what’s your excuse? To celebrate their period of origin – the late 19th century, a time when tattoos were becoming popular – J&B partnered up with tattoo artist Sebastien Mathieu of Le Sphinx in creating these 25 limited edition tattooed bottles of J&B blended scotch whiskey.

How exactly did they manage to not break the bottles with their needles? They covered the bottles with a latex skin, similar to the ones used in tattoo practice. It’s slim enough to maintain the bottle’s shape, but strong enough not to break, effectively wasting some good whiskey. To make it more realistic, they coloured the latex skin to match human skin, so it would be intriguing (as if tattoos on a liquor bottle wasn’t intriguing enough.)

The tattoo session took a bit longer than expected, around 20 hours. Each bottle. So that’s roughly 500 hours total for all 25 bottles. You can bet these tatted bad boys are going to cost a small fortune when they go up for sale this winter in Paris at Publicis Drugstore and at L’eclaireur rue Herold.

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