A Go-Pro fell out of a plane, landed in a pig pen and was found intact: you won’t believe what it recorded!

We don’t have many details of this, but take the YouTube video description for what it is. A GoPro is ready to go in a skydiving plane with a bunch of jumpers. Somehow, it accidentally falls from the plane, and tumbles down, spinning furiously (and we see a cool effect of recording framerate/spin-rate almost matching) all the way. And it keeps recording.

The whole thing is remarkable: first the GoPro surviving and being found intact, by the guy who uploaded it, some eight-months later, is very cool.

But what happens after it lands in a pig-pen, with the camera facing upwards, is what makes it really interesting.

No spoilers, check it out.

But be advised tech note about the spinning: that happens from about the 14 second mark to the 29 second mark (not fun to watch). The GoPro was spinning. It very nearly synced up with the recording frame-rate (likely 30FPS), making it possible to see where it was going for the last few seconds of flight.

Update: Confirmed spinning at 60 revolutions per second or 3600RPM. At a 30FPS filming rate, we’re seeing two spins per one frame of video. Check out audio analysis by a redditor here.

Via Techly