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A bridge that’s a carpark that’s also a park

A carpark that’s also a park that’s also the bridge that’s also the carpark and park. Confused? You definitely are because architecture-ception just happened. With an upsurge in tourism arrivals in Moena, Italy, architect Angelo Salomone of AS-DOES had the problem of building a park, a carpark, and a bridge, all the while trying to not destroy Mother Nature too much.

The solution was to build the three structures on top of each other, so that they would have minimal impact on the lush mountainside environment around it. Visitors can use the bridge to get across or park their cars and go out to the park on top of it to enjoy the bike paths and the beautiful view. It’s a great example of how good design can save the world, taking into account all stakeholders: the visitors, the entrepreneurs, and the environment.

You can read more about the project specs here.

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carpark bridge
carpark bridge
carpark bridge