Do baboons really raise dogs as pets? Turns out, they can

Turns out baboons are kinda like the mafia of the animal world. The following video shows a baboon kidnapping a puppy from its mother, dragging it by its tail and giving it their own version of hospitality. Animal lovers beware, the first minute of the video is pretty heart-breaking to watch, especially when you hear the puppy’s cries for help.

Eventually though, the puppy becomes accustomed to its new family and travels with them wherever they go. It serves as the guard dog of the troop, defending them from other feral dogs and stands guard at night while they sleep.

Who knew baboons could be capable of such advanced social skills like pet ownership? Though their method may be crude, it’s not much different to how we get our pets: taking the puppy from their mothers – minus the tail dragging, hopefully – and making the dog our pet and guardian.

Looks like we have more in common with baboons other than having itchy butts.