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Interview with cat embroidery artist, Hiroko Kubota

When embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota got a special request from her then very young son to put hand sewn cats on his shirt, she didn’t expect that the designs would make the online world go bonkers. Of course, this comes to n surprise to us as considering these are cats – the internet’s animal deities. We were lucky enough to get a moment with her and ask her more questions about her famous cat embroidery. [read our original post about Hiroko Kubota]

How did you get started in your career as an embroidery artist?
In the beginning, I made accessories with embroidery and sold them in a net shop.

How long does it take for you to embroider each cat on a shirt?
It takes 2-3 days for me to embroider a cat. ( And  takes 1 day to cut and sew.)  But actually it takes time a little more because I must do housework, as well.

Where do you select your cat ‘models’ from?
I often embroider from the photograph of the domestic cat of the person ordering the shirt. Or I borrow the image from a cat photographer. There are a lot of images of cats all over the place, I just put a favorite pose and pattern together from them.

What has been the main results of your work going viral all over the internet thanks to so many blog posts about it?
The orders for shirts come from people all over the world. My English is poor, but I hear stories about people liking my cat embroidery designs.

Has anyone requested you embroider other animals?
I will embroider a rabbit and a dog soon.  That reminds me of the time I embroidered a crocodile.

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