Featured Image for Artist leaves graffiti in hard-to-find places in hotel rooms – we interviewed him about it

Artist leaves graffiti in hard-to-find places in hotel rooms – we interviewed him about it

David Bussell is a writer, performer, and stand-up comedian who has travelled to many places and stayed in plenty of hotels. In these hotels, he leaves what he calls hotel graffiti in places hard to find, such as behind picture frames, underneath toilet bowls, and so on. We interviewed him to pick his brain about his famous brand of street art. [read our original post about this hotel graffiti and a Facebook Q&A our readers recently did with him]

When did all these writings on the wall start?
About 7 years ago. I was taking a cross country trip across the U.S. and found myself in a motel without HBO. Boredom is a powerful motivator.

Do you have any particular themes you like to adhere to when leaving graffiti in hotels?
It’s changed over the years. Originally, the idea was just to write a series of messages that began “If you’re reading this it’s already too late…” But I quickly started running out of those and ended up going in different directions. I don’t know if there’s a unifying theme to the messages other than the fact I write them, so they reflect my brand of comedy. I guess odd and daft would sum things up.

Have you gotten into any trouble with these works of art?
Nope, not a single one, at least from hoteliers. Some folks on the Internet have had complaints since the photos went viral. But the Internet is where the outraged go.

Most of the time, people won’t even know your works are there. How does it feel to not see the punchline in the jokes you leave behind?
It used to bother me before people start taking an interest in the photos I put online, but it’s seen an audience now, so I’m cool with it.

Tell us more about the humour book you are planning to release.
It’s called ‘But… You’re a Horse‘ and it’s a collection of pranks and jokes I’ve been involved with over the last couple of years. For instance, you might have seen the Knock Knock Hijack, which went viral last year on BuzzFeed.

A lot of the content I used to present on stage but have since retired, so it’s a means for me to collect all my best stuff in one place and tie a ribbon on it. I’m releasing it as a short run on paperback, so if you’re looking for some reading material to set on your toilet cistern, this is it!

You can follow more of David’s antics through Twitter: @Busselling

david bussell hotel graffiti
david bussell hotel graffiti
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