Sponsored Video: the world’s most beautiful safety video!

Trust our friends at Air New Zealand to do something brilliantly creative with the tired idea of the inflight safety video. We’ve seen Betty White and Tolkien themed videos. Well, this one tops them all. Next week, the Kiwi national carrier will be releasing what is already being dubbed the ‘world’s most beautiful safety video’. Yes, that’s right, ‘beautiful’ and ‘safety’ in the same sentence. Who would’ve thought?

So how was it done? Well, this ‘making-of’ video above will give you the full back story, but the short and sweet of it is that the airline has partnered with the always-iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine to produce Safety in Paradise, shot in the most stunning of surrounds: the Cook Islands.

Sounds like a tough assignment.

And as befits the world’s most beautiful safety video, the footage stars some of the biggest names in international modeling, including Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, and Jessica Gomes, along with a guest appearance by Christie Brinkley, who still looks as radiant as ever.

We love the creative approach Air New Zealand take with their inflight videos and this one is another stunning addition to the series. The ‘world’s most beautiful safety video’? We think so.

Stay tuned for the big reveal here next week.

Sponsored by Air New Zealand.