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An inkless pen that can probably write forever

Italian firm Pininfarina known for their craftsmanship in designing Ferraris and other drool-worthy cars, has just created a pen that will write on and on and on and on… Introduced at Paperworld, a trade fair for stationeries and writing materials in Frankfurt, the ‘4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano’ is like the Ferrari of pens with its sleek look and innovative materials, aluminum and wood.

But what sets this pen apart from the rest is its ability to never require ink to function; it uses and Ethergraph tip, a special alloy that allows the pen to act like a pencil, minus the sharpening and smudges.

But don’t get too excited just yet. Remember that with great power, comes a great price tag. This pen will probably cost an arm and a leg, especially considering it came from an Italian company known for creating luxurious designs. I guess we’ll have to stick it out with stolen office pens for now.

Via Gizmodo