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Celebrate summer by swimming with a platypus

Swimming with seals and dolphins are a dime a dozen. But swimming with the cute and cuddly Platypus? Only in Australia. The Healesville Sanctuary, known for its diverse Australian wildlife and being the first research centre to breed a platypus in captivity, offers an up close encounter with the unique creature.

Yes, the platypus play pool, where only the keepers are allowed, is now accessible to the public. For $195 per person, you get to swim with the little critter AND help support the zoo’s conservation programs. So while everyone’s at their boring swimming pool, interacting with non-adorable creatures, you get to connect with one of the most huggable animals in the world and help save Mother Nature. Win, win, right?

Here’s more info about the platypus encounter via the Healesville Sanctuary:

‘Your experience begins by greeting the keepers and then listening to the Platypus visitor presentation. The tour then takes you into the working environment of the Sanctuary where you will be briefed by our keepers and step into waders over the top of your clothes, allowing you to enter the Platypus pool. You will have the opportunity to touch, play and feed one of our Platypus inside their play pool’.

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platypus encounter
platypus encounter
platypus encounter