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This guy created the greatest resignation ‘letter’ ever! We asked him about it

Chris Holmes, aka Mr. Cake, used to work as an immigration officer until he decided he wanted to focus on his newly-born child and his cake business. Fittingly, his resignation letter came in the form of a cake. Icing, in fact. We asked him some questions about this rather novel way of quitting a job. [Read our previous post about this cake resignation note here]

Where on earth did you get the idea to create a resignation letter … on a cake?!
The idea to write my resignation letter on a cake came to me in a dream, about six months before I actually resigned. My contract just said I had to give written notice, but didn’t say I had to use paper, and as I was leaving to start a cake company it just seemed like a fitting and fun way to do it.

How many attempts did you have at creating the icing before you got it right and what were the main challenges to doing it this unique way?
I wrote out the wording on paper the same size as the cake first, so I knew how small I needed to write and how many words I had to fit on each line. I piped most of the letter onto the cake on my first go, but I did have to go back and tidy up a couple of words here and there.

I had no idea that so many people would see the cake online and in the media – if I’d know, I would have tried to write much more neatly! Another challenge was carrying the cake from my car to the office – it’s a good 10 minute walk involving four flights of stairs, and then I had to put the cake throughout the staff airport security x-ray machine!

It was a very big and heavy cake, and by time I had got it into the office, I was very tired!

Did you go to baking school or were you self-taught as a cake maker?
I didn’t go to baking school, although I did work on the pastry section of a very good restaurant in Cambridge, UK, called ‘Midsummer House’, where I learned a lot about cooking and confectionary.

When I started my cake company, one of the first things I did was to watch a lot of instructional videos on YouTube and from there I learned some of the specialist cake decorating techniques (such as making sugar flowers) that I needed for the job.

Chris Holmes' resignation cake.