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Visit the Holy Land … in Argentina!

Brazil might have Christ the Redeemer but Argentina has Tierra Santa. This theme park brings old Jerusalem to Latin America with a 40-foot Jesus, faux primitive huts, over 500 plastic Romans and Jesuits, and tons of kitsch.

Visitors can take part in ‘recreations of such famous events as the last supper, where diners can eat next to mannequins of the apostles and snap a pic next to Judas, or experience the book of Genesis with animatronic lions and hippos’. But the main attraction, it seems, lies with the giant Jesus statue that rises up from with a ‘skull-covered Golgotha’ while Handel’s Messiah ‘blasts from the speakers’. Admission to Tierra Santa is around $10 and right outside the city center of Buenos Aires.

Via Atlas Obscura

Tierra Santa
Tierra Santa
Tierra Santa

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