This video of molten lava destroying a Coke can is awesome

It’s not really a contest when lava meets anything, but when Bryan Lowy from lavapix captured two coke cans meeting their demise via 1000ºC molten lava, and set up a GoPro and trusty Nikon D800 to record it all, the results are at least fun to watch.

So, what’s happening here? The first can in the shot was punctured to prevent any hot explosions in this pseudo-scientific endeavour, but as you’ll see, it ended in a a quick spurt of superheated steam and coke fizz, before a grim demise.

The second can was sealed as-is, but fell over with the lava causing a leak as the metal punctured under the heat. For anyone who is a bit on the worrisome side, Lowy said that safety precautions were taken, with only the GoPro slightly in harms way. “By the end of this outing most of my camera gear was just a bit sticky,” he said.

A worthy sacrifice for the volcano gods.

Via Techly