Out with mood rings, in with the mood sweater

Remember wearing mood rings to tell us how we were feeling? Well, now a company has come up with almost the same idea, but in an extra soft and cozy sweater. It’s called the Sensoree GER: Mood Sweater and it reads excitement levels and translates the data into ‘a palette of affective colors’. The sweater is ‘based on the technology of a classic lie detector test’ and features a wearable sensor called the ‘Galvanic Extimacy Responder’. Sensoree is being released to the public in March with a limited edition run of 100.

Sensoree isn’t all gimmicky, either. The company began as MFA design research to ‘create wearable technology to augment Sensory Processing Disorder, a condition which ranges from ADHD to autism’.

Via Sensoree