FaceRig: a program that turns you into any character while you chat

If you ever wanted to be someone you’re not especially while chatting online – and I mean not in a predator way – this is the program for you. FaceRig is an Indiegogo project that lets you become any 3D character you want to be, whether it’s a fox, a demon lord, or a sexy muse, or anything your imagination can come up with. But wait, it gets better. The avatar can mimic your emotions and facial expressions in real time.

So you could have that Skype meeting with your boss, and he’ll be like, ‘When did my Senior Manager become a talking fox?’

The program can be used on any chatting service that uses a webcam, such as Skype and Twitch. For a contribution of $5, you could get the most basic edition of their software and be included in their hall of fame. As of writing, the project has already reached its $120,000 funding goal with $165,596.