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Start lining up, Taiwan McDonalds has maids!

Taiwan has all the cool stuff: Taipei 101, the Spring Scream music fest and maids at McDonald’s. Yes, maids. December 24th saw the McDonald’s branch in front of Taipei Station filled with ‘dolled-up girls in anime-style maid outfits’ taking orders. And ‘their outfits were officially sanctioned by McDonald’s Taiwan’. Pretty amazing stuff. According to a Taiwanese media outlet, the outfits are part of an annual competition among McDonald’s branches around the country, with the winning team ‘receiving an unspecified prize.’ This competition is all very mysterious but who really cares when you can catch costumed Maccas employees serving Big Macs.

And not to disappoint (much), but the costumes only appeared until December 31st, so you’ve got a whole year to save up and fly over to Taiwan to catch this in person in December 2014.

Via Rocket News 24

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