Featured Image for An alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm? We interviewed the inventor!

An alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm? We interviewed the inventor!

Ladies, if you have trouble waking up in the morning or hate the sound of that annoying alarm clock, here’s a more, erm, pleasurable alternative: Little Rooster. It’s an alarm clock that wakes you up in all the right places. We spoke to Little Rooster inventor, Tony Maggs, about this magnificent product. [Read our original post about this alarm clock and our Facebook Friends also asked him some questions]

Where did the idea for Little Rooster come from?
We simply turned the idea of an alarm clock on its head – very deBono really. Most alarm clocks irritate you awake. Result: you wake up feeling irritated. Waking to pleasure seemed the most obvious solution to miserable mornings – and it works. Women wake up feeling sensual, alive, that the day is pregnant with potential – and, of course, very often very excited indeed.

Tell us about the design and development process.
The hardest part was making it comfortable. Clitoral vibrators are designed to be used lying down with your legs open. As soon as you close your legs or turn on your side, they dig in or twist round. Nobody wants to sleep with an iPhone in their undies!

We went through 300 prototypes, tested on over three dozen women of different body shapes to refine the concept of a stabilising flat element against the pubic bone attached to a narrow vibrating part that rests between the legs. Little Rooster may not be obviously comfortable to look at, but it fits your body perfectly whatever your sleeping position and it stays in place however much you move around at night.

What was the funniest feedback you’ve gotten so far?
Oh, there are so many! One of the delights of my job is hearing all the very happy, sex positive people out there being very creative with the ways in which they use pleasure to make their lives happier and better, and dropping me a line to tell me all about it!

But I think it has to be the email I received from a very satisfied customer saying she uses it on the train when commuting to work every morning! Before her husband bought her a Little Rooster she would often fall asleep, miss her stop and get in late and flustered. She actually credited us with saving her job – though she did not say whether she now arrived at work on time and flustered!

How do men feel about Little Rooster, considering that many ladies would now prefer waking up to the device rather than them in the morning?
A minority of men feel threatened. But most men just love the fact that their partner is in such a great mood in the morning. It makes a great gift because it is sexual but not overtly so, is very beautifully packaged, and – well, who doesn’t like giving a gift that keeps on giving back to the giver! Perfect for Valentine’s.

Any chance of developing a Little Rooster version for men?
We’re in beta testing. Watch this space. Or join our mailing list or follow @roosterlovesyou to be the first to know!

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