Featured Image for Interview with Isaiah Webb, aka Mr. Incredibeard

Interview with Isaiah Webb, aka Mr. Incredibeard

Isaiah Webb, aka Mr. Incredibeard, is a popular guy, or rather, beard around the online community of unshaven men. He uses his beard to create the most out-of-this-world designs that would put Abe Lincoln and Leonidas to shame. We interviewed him to find out more about the man behind the beard.

When did the fascination with the beard begin and how long have you had one?
I’ve had a beard for over 5 years now and my fascination began about 22 months ago when I decided to grow it out long.

How do you maintain that beautiful coat of beard: any tips for aspiring beard growers out there?
In the beginning, it’s all about letting it grow. It takes time, but let it be. I wash my beard with shampoos and conditioners. Then I use the Bearded Bastard’s beard oil during the day time to keep it oiled throughout the day. It is important to take care of your beard to keep it in tip top shape. After your beard grows to about 4-5” it is good to get a VERY short trim every few months to keep your beard healthy. At this point you can also have a barber help you shape the beard.

What was the hardest beard design you’ve ever done and how long did it take to make it that way?
The hardest beard design we’ve done is spelling out the world BEARD in my beard. It is my favorite design, but anytime we spell words, it’s actually very difficult and unsafe for the beard due to the amount of heat and tools required to make the design. That design took about three hours to create.

Who is your bearded hero?
My dad is my bearded hero. He’s where I get my beard from. Without him, I might not even have a beard.

What’s wrong with the simple mustache?
Nothing is wrong with a mustache, but it’s not the same as having a beard. The beard takes over and consumes you. A mustache is a good substitute for those that can’t grow a full beard.