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A video game that can sense your fear

FDR’s famous quote, ‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself’, has never been truer than in the video game ‘Nevermind’. The game doesn’t need your kickass hand-eye coordination or lightning-quick reflexes or in-game tactics. All it needs is your fear to feed upon your mortal soul. Ok maybe not fear itself, but more on your heart beat. The adventure-horror game tracks your heart beat and produces more stressful and frightening scenarios once your ticker beats faster.

Erin Reynolds, creator of Nevermind, tells Fast Company, ‘The more scared you are, the harder the game becomes. To complete the game, you have to get pretty good at learning how to manage your anxiety on the fly’.

The game puts you in the shoes of ‘neuroprobers’, sci-fi psychologists who go explore the messed up minds of their patients. You’re asked to solve puzzles and discover memories in disturbing and traumatic environments, while being asked to stay calm. Because if you stress out, scary things will happen and you drown in milk.

Reynolds developed the game while she was still an interactive media grad student at USC. The game not only aims to keep you at the edge of your seat, but to also help you manage stress. Because of Nevermind, she’s learned to breathe deeply during stressful situations, and this in turn, has led to a more relaxed and calmer daily life. So if you’re one who freaks out instantly during rush hour traffic or looming deadlines, you might want to play this horror game to calm you down.

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