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Now available: beer flavoured jelly beans

Ask and you shall receive. And so, after decades of getting denied their beer-flavoured jelly bean, Jelly Belly fans’ wishes have now been granted. It took the giant candy company three years of experimentation to perfect the formula, but finally, they’ve included the wheaty, clean, and crisp taste of a German Hefeweizen Ale-inspired draft beer jelly bean to their 100 flavour lineup.

‘It took a few years to perfect, but we think we got it right’, says Ambrose Lee – Jelly Belly’s research and development manager, in an interview with Daily Mail UK. ‘First we tried to work on matching the hops, then we worked on the yeast, the flavour, and finally at the end of this year we completed the development’.

Though many (‘many’ meaning alcoholics) were delighted with the announcement, many parents weren’t. Obviously, they were concerned about the effect of beer-flavoured jelly beans on the psyche of their kids. But the company says they’ve been producing alcohol-flavoured jelly beans for years, citing flavours, Blackberry Brandy, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Margarita. And granted that there’s no actual alcohol content in the candy.

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