Featured Image for Must have: The original chicken handbag

Must have: The original chicken handbag

Why in the world would you want a Henbag? Let me cluck count the ways. This durable rubber chicken handbag is roomy and sturdy (it has tough nylon handles and a nylon base and lining). But the best part is all the attention you’ll be getting with this very, very fashionable item. Just think of all the happiness and laughter you’ll be spreading when you go out on the town with this!

But wait, there’s more. You’re going to have a pun-tastic time with this. Check out all the puns on its description page:

‘We’re not clucking around, this Henbag is sure to ruffle a few feathers. Feel like you’re too cooped up in your fashion cage? Chook your bits inside, pullet over your arm, head outside – and you’ll be the hottest chick in town. It’s such an eggsellent conversation starter that you’ll have to be careful people don’t try and poach it from you. Everyone will want to stick their beak in. Headless chickens flocking around you. Walking on eggshells. You have fashion’s golden egg after all. You’ll be sure to fly up the social pecking order. All the chicken heads will be shell shocked’.

Currently, the Henbag is 30% off and selling for £17.49 at Firebox. OH GEE I WONDER WHY.