Featured Image for Body atlas shows where we feel different emotions

Body atlas shows where we feel different emotions

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers proved that emotions have direct physiological connections to the parts of our body. So if you’re feeling angry or happy, chances are a part of your body is reacting to it, so it’s not just Lust that’s get a bodily reaction (if you know what I mean).

The researchers used more than 700 participants from Taiwan, Sweden, and Finland as Guinea Pigs to map bodily sensations resulting from emotions. Participants were subjected to a variety of videos, stories, and other emotional stimuli, after which they marked on two digital silhouettes where they felt increased and decreased sensations. The results showed that humans had the same bodily responses to each emotion, regardless of nationality or language.

Many emotions had an overlap in bodily sensations, like fear and anger causing increased sensation in the chest area – most likely resulting from increase in pulse and respiration rate. Love and happiness both had similar sensations that was felt throughout most of the body. Studies like this, as the researchers believe, could be one day used to identify and treat emotional disorders.

Also, if you’re feeling shame, your bodily sensations look like Spider-Man.

Via Discover Magazine

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