Featured Image for A 3D printed skull made entirely out of sugar

A 3D printed skull made entirely out of sugar

With the advancement in 3D printing technology, death has never looked so sweet. Sugar Lab, composed of husband and wife architectural design team Kyle and Liz, partnered with artist and sculptor Josh Harker to create this one-of-a-kind 3D printed sugar El Dia de los Muertos skull.

Story goes is that Kyle and Liz were looking for some fun confections to create for Halloween. Being fans of Harker’s anatomical filigrees, they tweeted him for a possible team-up. Soon, they were printing his design called ‘Craneo de la Calaca’ using chewy cotton candy flavoured sugar, and the result was nothing short of amazing.

Though personally, I wouldn’t even try to eat that sculpture, because: 1. It’s just too beautiful to eat! 2. I’m seeing the skull as an artistic metaphor for my impending doom whenever I over indulge on sugar.

Via Cubify

cubify 3d printed sugar skull
cubify 3d printed sugar skull