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Wasps and bees can remember faces of people

According to a new study, certain species of paper wasps and honeybees can remember characteristics and features of faces. So better be sure not to run into the same bee you once tried to kill, because it knows what you look like and it has a score to settle.

This development comes as a surprise as animals with small brains aren’t known to have advance social abilities. Larger creatures like humans, dogs, and crows, all have the ability to remember a face, as well as tell the difference between different faces. But apparently, honeybees can do the same. Smarter-than-we-thought bees and stingers? Not a good combination.

Though insects don’t have an advanced sight – like we do – the study shows that their compound eye is advanced just enough to have facial recognition abilities. Studying how they can recognize faces with such a tiny brain can help us develop new facial recognition technologies in the future. But for now, watch your backs!

Via I F*cking Love Science