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Here’s a mug made just for your lap

Hot coffee spilling onto your lap as you try to multi-task while on the couch or at work? No more! The Lap Mug has been invented. This handy and quite colorful mug has been ‘designed around the body rather than the table’ with the bottom of the mug featuring a wedge for ‘nestling in your lap’. What a cool concept! And if you’re needing to place that mug on the table, it rests just as well on a flat surface.

This design was a collaboration between Yve Thelermont and David Hupton, who have got a number of innovative products under the belt, such as the Link Mugs (mugs that link together so you can carry three at a time without any spills) and the very sensual Utter Pot.

Via Thelermont Hupton

Lap Mug
Lap Mug