Featured Image for Painting the Roses Red: a new series by Sara Sweet

Painting the Roses Red: a new series by Sara Sweet

This series has been influenced by a scene in Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland where the Queen’s cards frantically splash red paint on the white roses which were planted by mistake. It was a visually attractive scene with luscious red glossy paint dripping from the white petals.

This scene has been reinvented to create a series that also represents the ideas of change and preservation. The roses have been roughly painted as an attempt to preserve their once rich colour in the hope of restoring their smooth and youthful state.

A conflicting contrast is formed between the natural formations of the rose as the thick and almost suffocating artificial substance coats the petals. Every rose in the images is real – they were individually dipped in the red paint and placed in the right position for the final shots. The blackness in each image is designed to draw the focus onto the rose, allowing for no distractions.

The roses are spotlighted and isolated, lost in a dark and unknown space. We see an attempt to hold on to a vanishing moment that is being tarnished by time.

rose painting
rose painting
rose painting