Featured Image for Conceptual artwork by Hong Kong’s Ho Siu-Kee

Conceptual artwork by Hong Kong’s Ho Siu-Kee

Back in the 90s, Hong Kong had a vibrant group of conceptually oriented artists producing still very contemporary work. One of them was Ho Siu-Kee who focused on the exploration of his own senses and bodily perception. Coming from a culture of Buddhist monks, he studied their austere attitude towards their own bodies and gestures and combined it with his own experiences and insights.

The result is a body of work almost exclusively oriented towards human perception, interaction and the disruption of traditional behavioral patterns. One example is Aureola No. 13, a sculpture to ‘explore the duality of the body – its limitation and liberation’, with the help of a wearable halo-shaped metal hoop.

The Hong Kong-based Pearl Lam galleries just honoured this exceptional work with the Déjà Disparu exhibition.

Ho Siu-Kee: Human interaction
Ho Siu-Kee: human geometry
Ho Siu-Kee_ walkingon2balls
Ho Siu-Kee: Conceptual photography
Ho Siu-Kee: Conceptual photography

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