Guy proposes to his girlfriend by making a video game

3D artist Robert Fink met and fell in love with the girl of every man’s dream: Angel, girl gamer (her favourite game is Diablo 2.) So when the time came to propose, Fink did the geekiest thing ever: create a video game proposal. Fink enlisted the help of his trusted friends to design and program the video game that would change his life. They spent five months coding the game at a friend’s pad, all the while, telling Angel they’re just working on something for work.

On his website, he says: ‘It roughly took four to five months working on it when I could get away with it, using lies and deceit to create the best foundation for our future marriage’.

When the game was finished, they invited Angel to be a tester for Knight Man: The Quest for Love, the secret proposal game. Fink set up cameras to capture the game being played and her reaction to it all. While she tested the game, friends and family were waiting for her in another part of the office, waiting for the big moment.

She breezed through the game easily, jumping over obstacles and reaching the main goal, the princess who was trapped in ice. After freeing the princess, the knight says to her: ‘I have searched far and wide and braved many dangers searching for you. Angel White, would you do me the honour of sharing your life with me?’

And Angel’s answer? ‘Duh’. Realizing that answer was a form of ‘Yes’, Fink opened the door, revealing officemates and family cheering with cake and champagne.

You can play the game and read the whole story on Fink’s website.