Featured Image for A stained glass octopus chandelier by Mason Parker

A stained glass octopus chandelier by Mason Parker

Worshipers of Cthulhu can now have the cosmic entity’s head hang from their living room ceiling with this beautiful lighting fixture from Mason Parker of Mason’s Creations. Though the stained glass chandelier isn’t hundreds of feet tall, it still has an imposing and attention-catching presence with a lamp that measures four feet across and tentacles that could stretch out to 30 inches long. The limbs can also be detachable, could hold candles, and light up separately. [read an interview with Mason Parker]

Having a tentacle chandelier will be a bit costly though, costing around $18,000. Did you hear that? Your wallet just screamed from having a brush with true horror!

UPDATE: Here’s a excerpt from our interview with the master stained glass maker himself, Mason Parker.
How long did it take to build the octopus chandelier and what was the hardest part about making it?
361 hours or 12 work weeks. The curls at the ends of the arms were probably the hardest step, and the set of arms itself was about two thirds of the work.

Have you produced more than one?
That yellow, bulbous headed one you saw [pictured above and below] was my first one. The second one’s coming around March of this year. This time it’s red, with a more oblong head, and has an underside piece to cover fixtures and bulbs. I might already have a buyer; the same customer.

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octopus chandelier
octopus chandelier
octopus chandelier

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